An interactive visit of an age-old castle

The Dubuisson Beerstorium is an interactive experience throughout the story of the Dubuisson Brewery. In the museum you will also discover the wonderful world of beer and the secrets of the brewing process. The visit immerses you in the history of the castle of Ghyssegnies, where it all started for the brewery in 1769!

Since that time, deeply rooted in the farmhouse brewery opposite the castle, the Dubuisson Brewery looks back on 250 years of history. This is the incredible adventure of nine succeeding generations who have led the family business and developed the brewing activities. Today, you will still find important traces of that history in the characteristics of the Dubuisson beers.

And now you can discover it yourself in the Dubuisson Beerstorium! A tour where modern techniques – Virtual Reality, 3D animations and an escape game – explain the history of the brewery. The Beerstorium is an interactive, fun and educational experience with beer as its highlight.

An escape game with a hint of beer

In addition to the “classic” tour, you can choose to discover the Dubuisson Beerstorium during an inventive experience. The Trolls of the brewery have prepared all sorts of riddles featuring the different themes of the castle.

The Beerstorium is a unique journey in an exclusive setting. It will take you to the heart of the history of Brasserie Dubuisson and the beers of the brewery. You will certainly have to use your brain and observational talents during this expedition. Are you ready to solve the enigmas of the Trolls?

A tasting with the brewmaster

If you opt for the tour with a tasting (which we highly recommend 😉), Hugues Dubuisson will be waiting for you at the end of the tour.

The owner of the brewery and brewmaster will guide you during a tasting with three beers of your choice. This is certainly the best way to end your visit.

Practical details:

Address: Ghyssegnies 15, 7904 Pipaix

Opening hours: Every day (7/7) from 10 am to 6 pm


Would you like to eat something during your stay at the brewery? Our restaurant Trolls & Bush is situated right next to the Dubuisson Beerstorium.


Please only select tickets for one day

When purchasing the tickets, a deposit of 1 euro is charged for the access badge that you will receive upon arrival. This deposit will be refunded at the reception after your visit.

Ticket “Visit of the Beerstorium”


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